Breakout Sessions

Session 1, 9:45-10:45

Stan Self, Senior Director of Church Ministry, The Mission Society
Bringing the World to Your Church

Discover the process that set Asbury United Methodist Church and a host of other churches on a path of being strategic and significant in their outreach efforts locally, nationally, and internationally. This workshop will teach the basic plan Jesus gave his church for reaching the world. Additionally, you will receive tools that will guide you in the process of engaging your entire congregation in reaching your community, nation, and world with the good news.


Sharon Galgay Ketcham, Professor, Gordon College
Moving Toward "We": The Mission of Youth Ministry 

Is youth ministry effective?  There are conflicting reports.  On one side, the last century is worth applauding since we see more students involved, more money invested, and more time training youth workers.  On the other side, research also demonstrates that when students graduate from high school, they often "graduate" from faith.  Before creating more programs to fill this gap, let's investigate a core theological question:  Is a student's relationship with the community of faith superfluous, supportive or vital?  This session will claim that a biblical and theological exploration reveals this relationship is vital and propose ways to shift student ministries from a focus on Me to We.


Christina and CJ Reynolds, International House of Prayer
The Power of Worship and Prayer

During this breakout session you will hear a personal example of the power of prayer and worship.


Alan Weatherly, Senior Pastor, Asbury UMC
Contemplative Prayer

If you are looking for a way to pray that will get you out of the rut of your ordinary prayer life, contemplative prayer may be for you.  Contemplative or Listening Prayer is a way to rest in the presence of God without any agenda.  Through this discipline one learns to still the mind in a way to be open to God's presence in a new way.  Contemplative prayer is an antidote for spiritual dryness.


Matt Lacey, Director of Missions and Advocacy, North Alabama United Methodist Conference
Missions in the 21st Century: The Theology of Missions

For centuries the church has been doing outreach with the idea that they could bring God to the world.   But what happens when the church goes and they discover God is already there?  Learn how missions is changing in the 21st century and discuss a new theology of mission.


John Ryberg, Mission Pastor, Asbury UMC
Let's Go to Prison

This is a "how to" workshop designed to help you answer Jesus' call to visit him in prison (Matthew 25)  You will learn about working in prison locally and internationally.  Topics to be taught include: helping your church to get started in prison ministry, partnering with the Communities of Faith Network and the Alabama Department of Corrections, developing a partnership with international prison missionaries, and how to take a short term mission team to work in the prison internationally.  The workshop will conclude with a question and answer time.


Jamie Zumwalt, Beautiful Feet Ministry
Planting Communities of Hope Among the Poor

Why plant churches?  Why not just meet the physical needs you encounter? Stories and lessons from planting a church among the poor and needy.


Josh Caldwell and Maegen Schwindling, Lifeline Children's Services
Orphan Care and the Church

The breakout is designed to engage ministry leaders to start an orphan ministry in their church.  We will talk through our biblical call to orphan care (James 1:27), and what motivates us to care for the Orphan.  The steps to building an orphan care team are prayer, surrounding yourselves with passionate people, developing a strategy to meet the spiritual and physical needs, and taking action as a church. This breakout will impact the Kingdom because James 1:27 and Isaiah 1:17 call us to care for the fatherless and defend the cause of the fatherless.  Jesus Christ is the only solution for the hurting around the world, and the Church is the avenue in which He is to be shared.  There are 153 million orphan children in the world. How will we lead out in the call to care for the fatherless?  Through the local church!


Tommy Gray, Pastor, Asbury UMC and Paul Lawler, Pastor, Christ UMC
Intentional Disciple Making and Church Planting

"Every Church involved in a new church, and every church planter starting one, needs to answer the question: what is church planting?" So says Ed Stetzer.  Growth in church planting comes from our core calling to make disciples.  We will address effective disciple-making strategies and one resulting impact: the birth of new churches and gospel movements.


Jimmy Aycock, ILI Missionary
Considering Risks in Local Church Missions

This session explores various aspects of risks that may arise as local churches grow in their mission involvement in the world, and how to lead a church to be both wise and faithful in embracing the realities of being obedient to a missionary God.


Session 2, 11:00-12:00

Steve Ybarrola, Professor, E. Stanley Jones School of World Missions
Culture: The Key to Missionary Frustration and Ineffectiveness

Throughout the history of missions, beginning with the New Testament, culture has been one of the main issues and obstacles to taking the Gospel to others. In this session we will examine such issues as the culture concept, ethnocentrism, and effective ways of understanding other cultures in order to be better ministers of the Gospel interculturally.


Matt Lacey, Director of Missions and Advocacy, North Alabama United Methodist Conference
Outreach in the Small Church

Is your church wondering how to reach out to help others in your small community?  Also seeing a dip in church attendance?  Both questions could be related and the answer could be the same.


Tim and Pam Bolding, Neighborhood Christian Center
The Engaging Missional Church

The "missional church" attempts to take Christ to "the lost" and its members are personally engaged in reaching their communities with the message of Jesus Christ. This workshop will share some practical ideas on how to engage the church (of all ages) to be more missional by reaching out to outsiders beyond the walls of the church through community partnerships in order to serve those in the community who are in need.


Paul Hughes
Praying For Your City

During this session you will learn about organizing and leading prayer and reconciliation for your city.


Jamie Zumwalt, Beautiful Feet Ministries
Holy Obsession

How do we determine what God wants us to do with our life?  What is my calling?  Perhaps the things that frustrate us about this world are the very things that God want us to be involved in fixing.  Discover the possible destiny that God has for you in bringing more of His Kingdom to earth.


Alan Weatherly, Senior Pastor, Asbury UMC
Growing A Culture of Prayer in Your Church

A prevailing temptation in the local church is to substitute busyness for the priority of seeking the presence of Jesus. The work of the church is kingdom work to the extent that the Body of Christ is rooted and rounded in loving communion with god.  This is the most important priority of the spiritual leadership within the church.


Peter Dahlin, Director of Student Ministries, Asbury UMC
Not Just Hearers, But Doers...Youth On Mission

 During adolescence, youth claim to believe many things but don't practice them.  In this breakout, we will examine how, through missions, we teach youth to marry belief and behavior. 


Shannon Bingham
All in the Family

Short-term missions can be a life-changing experience.  So why not include your whole family?  Teaching their kids how to serve and giving them a global perspective can be the most important responsibility that parents have.  The church should help provide avenues for those opportunities.  Find out some pointers to help encourage families to jump in and how to manage large groups of people who choose to serve as families.


Florence Muindi, Founder and Director, Life in Abundance
Prayer and Fasting as a Lifestyle - The Greater Work

The practice of prayer is at the core of our walk with Christ and the hallmark of our spiritual work.  It facilitates us to be co-workers with Christ and enables his kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.  Yet, it is often overtaken by much. This session will share some testimonies of what prayer can be and how it can become a life and ministry style. 


Timothy Gill, Voice of the Martyrs
Finishing Well - 2 Timothy 4:7

This breakout discusses our stand in America and what we as a church can learn from our brothers and sisters in hostile nations.


Session 3, 2:30-3:30

Dr. Steve Ybarrola, Professor, E. Stanley Jones School of World Missions
Diasporas: Missions At Home

Today the world is experiencing unprecedented numbers of people migrating from their home to other parts of their own country (mainly rural to urban) and internationally.  In these migrations they often form communities with those from their "home."  This session explores the various missional implications associated with these migrations and communities.


John Zumwalt, Beautiful Feet Ministries
A World Prepared for the Gospel

A mistake the Western Church often perpetuated is the thought that we are taking Jesus "over there."  The reality is that He has always been at work there and is now taking us to where He has been working.  In this workshop, you will discover peoples and cultures that have been readied for the Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom.


Wiley Underwood, Hattie O'Hara, Students at Auburn and Samford
Who are We Helping? Youth and Young Adults in International Missions

Two young adults that have traveled overseas(Africa and Peru) alone for missions, as teenagers, will discuss their experiences with a particular focus on what they saw to be beneficial and not beneficial. These two youth have keen insight into sending young adults into the mission field with a passion to help, but with the need to equip individuals with the reality of what works and what doesn't (or when helping can hurt) in pursuing faith driven international missions. 


Darcie Gill, Voice of the Martyrs
What does Matthew 10 look like in 2014? Part One 

 In this breakout, Darcie will use testimonies from brothers and sisters in hostile and restricted nations to give a picture of what Jesus was warning His disciples about and the encouragement He also gave in the midst of the warning.


Ted Amey, Prayer Pastor, Asbury UMC
Empowering Intercession and Altar Prayer Leadership

During this session we will study Luke 11:5-13 on the power of intercessory prayer, partnering with God's saving work in the world, and asking God for something on behalf of another.  This will practically give you a plan for cultivating this practice in your personal life, in your Sunday morning worship with Altar Prayer, and hosting regularly scheduled intercession meetings for your community.


Julie Durling, Director of Children's Ministry, Asbury UMC
Developing A Servant's Heart in the Z or Homeland Generation

Although the youngest and upcoming generation has not been officially named, it is a unique generation.  Our children have never known life without the internet and are very much aware of world events.  We will take a look at the the emerging characteristics of this generation and discover ways to engage these amazing children in mission to their friends, neighbors, community and the world.


Leigh and Steve Willhelm
How Short-Term trips becomes a long-term mission: How one family's story has changed lives forever

When you hear the call to action, how do you balance family, work and mission?  Is it possible?  Also, where do you take your first step in answering that call?  Leigh and Steve are great examples of how a short term mission trip can ignite a passion for changing the lives of those in need.  A 10 day trip to Costa Rica turned into a local ministry to single moms.  Their ministry Project Abundant Life (PAL) includes housing for families and mentoring relationships.  It is a result of a God-given vision and a committed team of missional friends.


Tom Albin, Dean of The Upper Room Ministries & Ecumenical Relations
Listening Prayer: Letting God Set the Agenda

This workshop will enable participants to learn and practice listening prayer - letting God take the initiative in the prayer experience.  We will learn to listen deeply to the voice of God and pray confidently the things that come to us from the heart of God.


Paul Lawler, Pastor, Christ UMC
The Sacred Mix

This breakout session will examine the essential relationship between worship, discipleship, and mission.


Dave Treat, Director of Missional Communities, Asbury UMC and Mark Sellers, Community Life Pastor, Summit Crossing Church
Being Missional in the Neighborhood 

The missionary's first prayer is a question:  To whom am I sent?  It's a prayer to which every missionary knows part of the answer: I am my neighbor; not the ones I want, but the ones I have.  In this breakout, Mark and Dave show ways to help believers see their neighbors and peers as their primary discipleship opportunity.   They'll show how multiple churches can coopoerate to make the Kingdom of God visible in their share "Jerusalem."  From mixed Missional Communities to cooperation and coordination of local projects, the body of Christ can work together to enjoy a beautiful day in the neighborhood.


Session 4, 3:45-4:45

John Ryberg, Mission Pastor, Asbury UMC and Jimmy Aycock, Missionary with ILI 
Five Core Principles of Missions

What has helped to keep the mission focus at Asbury heading in the right direction?  Join John and Jimmy as they discuss these 5 core principles: Great Commissioned Focus, Christ Centered, Others Oriented, Partner Driven and Empowerment Purposed.


Darcie Gill, Voice of the Martyrs
What does Matthew 10 look like in 2014? Part Two

In this breakout, Darcie will use testimonies from brothers and sisters in hostile and restricted nations to give a picture of what Jesus was warning His disciples about and the encouragement He also gave in the midst of the warning.


Florence Muindi, Founder and Director of Life In Abundance
Wholistic Community Transformation

The Bible outlines God's intention for communities.  God's concerns, commandments and commission inform our needed response.  What are the biblical principles of Christian Community development?  What core values guide Wholisitic community development?  This session will respond to these questions and share experiences on practical initiatives that facilitate transformation.


John Zumwalt, Beautiful Feet Ministries
Kingdom of God in the World

What is the state of Global Christianity?  Where are we in accomplishing the task of World Evangelization?


Josh Caldwell and Maegen Schwindling, Lifeline Children's Services
Theology of Adoption

How does what Christ did in us, impact our lives to care for the fatherless?  Join us in the breakout as we examine this question. 


CJ and Christina Reynolds, Paul Hughes and Ted Amey
House of Prayer Panel Discussion

Whether we realize it or not, there has been, is and forever will be, the continual day and night worship of God around His heavenly throne  (Rev. 4 -5).  You are invited to attend this session to understand what this means for us today and how we can respond.  Learn how the International House of Prayer (IHOP), the Birmingham Prayer Furnace, and the Storehouse are practically reestablishing David's call in the 1 Chronicles to have 24/7 continual day and night prayer and worship in their communities and how your church can too.


Sharon Galgay Ketcham, Professor, Gordon College
Teaching Theological Reflection to the "Church of the Present"

Social networking.  Bullying.  Leadership standards.  Global warming. Other religions. Body image. Racial tensions. Identity. Branding. Church.  What resources are we putting in the hands of teenagers to think through complex issues?  This seminar will teach you a method of theological reflection - a way for teenagers to work through the maze of voices and discern how to live faithfully in response to the Gospel.  Teenagers need the resources and skills necessary for developing answers in response to complex questions.  After all, don't we say youth are the 'church of the present?'


Tom Albin, Dean of The Upper Room Ministries & Ecumenical Relations
Praying in the Messiness of Life

This workshop will help us turn our schedules and our interruptions into prayer. We will learn to live and pray in the Spirit and in the moment - so our lives become missional and redemptive.


Darin Miller, Family Ministries Pastor, Cove Church
Re-entry: How to help teenagers cope with the comfort of their environment after experiencing the reality of world need

Using the strategy of short-term mission to impact lives of teenagers can bare a lot of fruit.  But if you're not prepared for important questions and don't have a plan for coming back to "normal life", the disequilibrium can cause unnecessary family strife.  Or even worse, the experience could fade to a distant memory. With 14 years of Student Ministry experience including leadership of over 12 mission experiences, Darin discusses important steps to pre-plan upon your return from Short-Term mission.


Stan Self, Senior Director of Church Ministry, The Mission Society
Engaging Your Congregation Via Strategic Kingdom Partnerships

Having trouble getting your entire congregation engaged in missions?  Would many of your members even have difficulty describing your church's mission vision?  Learn how engaging in a Strategic Mission Partnership can be the compelling factor in changing the missional dynamics in your church.

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